Friday, January 25, 2008

Names For Days...

While I could send this blog into overload with the number of Stache Force hero names we have laying around, I'll play it safe and do them in weekly installments.
Read on, if you dare do such a thing as read...on...

Flex “the Ballpeen” Bullchest
Chad Ballast
Flex “The Buise” Glorystein
Flex “NailGun” Redline
Flex “Dragon Toes” Pilestocks
Flex “Gunwhaler” Capbrauner
Plex “9-lives” Cobra
Flex “The Eraser” Geyser-rash
Rex “Detroit” Bolderash
Rex “Beef Knot” Rexoff
Rex “Gary Busey” Spiteneck
Rex “Rex” Spitshine
Rex “Horseradish” Saucey
Knife “Clutch” Hungwell
Wrench “Moose Knuckle” Fireball
French Blowhard
Stab Poodles
Church Drownings
Doc Bottleneck
Kirk Farmslope
Simpleton Sinclair
Lance Bunion
Roc Slaughterhouse
Beef Chow
Clip Nostril
Trapper Spittoon
Manfred Chest Hair
Racist O’Hoolihan
Sport Killzone
Clem H’Ourdourves
Russia McScotland
Prince Paddington
Chet Chestington
Scruff Carbunkles
Byron Whiskeyport
Cattle Swineheard
Fayln McO’Carbomb
Bowser Bucklethorpe
Ass Napkin
Rip Torn
Clam O’Flaninahan
Clark Razerburn
Bart Gunchest
Criminal O’Villian
Lips McFlintlock

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